TI Time

Thursday Island AKA by the locals as TI, has that unique temporal dissonance that many tropical Islands have, here it’s called TI Time, a Laissez-faire, maybe-today-maybe tomorrow attitude to deadlines, appointments and getting things done. In Fiji, they just say Bula Bula’ (all good) and you again have to wait for ‘Fiji Time’.

We had an electrical emergency the other day and the electrician that ‘would turn up within the hour’ as I was told, arrived the next day, after I had resolved the issue myself and cancelled his appointment.

Peak hour traffic on TI

Peak hour traffic on TI

It’s all good it’s all on island time.

That is except for me.

I am the editor of a weekly tabloid and my deadlines are based on Greenwich Mean time rather than Island time.

I should also mention I am also the chief of staff, head photographer, senior journalist, office administrator, and paper boy – yep I do the lot, so my frenetic little world is often in constant juxtaposition sleepy TI time.


Sometimes it all happens at once. Today I had to report on a High School Careers Market, and while is transit, came across an under 8’s Day march and party in the park (just another excuse for the kids to have fun), all this while simultaneously reporting on scant details of a helicopter crash and proof reading the pages of next week’s paper before they go to the printer.

Some days I work from 8am to 11pm straight, but other days I go fishing, I try to instil as much TI Time in my day as possible. Tomorrow I will sleep in.


This is a sleepy place, Ibises forage at the tip instead of seagulls and cockatoos play on the beach and the lizards look at you indolently as if to say, ‘why hurry?’.


It’s a good question, so much of the modern world suffers from the ‘hurry disease’ where our lives are justified by how increasingly busy we are, and in the interim, life passes us by…

Time for some TI Time…



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