Two out of five ain’t bad…

OK so it’s been five weeks since I have been here on TI. One of the promises I made to myself moving here was a lifestyle change, get healthy, cut out the booze, over-eating and start exercising. Part of that was the need to shake 8 kilos, as I had a lifestyle spare-tire starting to bulge around my middle. Some call it the middle-age-spread, either way I didn’t feel as healthy as I should.


I’m not usually one for fad diets, in fact I have never been on a diet in my life, but I had been hearing about a new popular diet known as the 5:2 Diet. Then when my new boss told me he and his girlfriend lost 7 kilos in 6 weeks my ears pricked up.

The basic gist of this diet is that for two non-consecutive days a week you ‘fast’ and the rest of the week you can eat as you normally do. The fasting is not complete non-eating situation, but rather a reduced calorie intake (500cal for women and 600cal for men).

600cal may not sound like much, but its doable. I have been having:

  • a boiled egg for breakie,
  • green salad with tinned tuna for lunch
  • vegie soup for dinner

As well as losing weight there seem to be a range of other long term benefits from regular micro fasting, such as reduced chances of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, diabetes and increasing lifespan.

It does this by reducing IGF-1 levels, a growth hormone which helps us grow when we’re children, but as adults it appears to cause aging and some illnesses.  Some scientists believe reduced levels of IGF-1 slows growth of new cells and prompts your body to repair its existing ones. It also encourages fat burning, so you lose weight.

Enough of the science, does it work?

Well with cutting out the booze for a month, some moderate daily exercise and the 5:2 Diet, I have dropped from 95 to 88 kilos, which about is close to my BMI optimum weight.


The proof in in the pudding (of the lack there of).