My Books

If I was to give myself a genre I guess fucked up travel adventures may be a good a mantle as any…

My first book Shanti Bloody Shanti, an Indian Odyssey, is about my experiences travelling around India in 2006, the first edition was published by Transit Lounge in Australia and New Zealand, and the second edition by Roaring Forties Press in the UK and the States. It was rated by Publisher’s Weekly in the Top Ten Best Travel Books for Fall 2013. It’s available on Amazon

SBS cover 2nd Ed cover

My second, also published with Transit Lounge, is a South American gonzo travelogue, existential road trip and a love story, called:

Chasing El Dorado, into the wild and back – a South American adventure.

Chasing El Dorado_FRONT COVER



2 thoughts on “My Books

  1. G’Day Aaron,

    I just finished your book. Picked it up in a book store in Country Victoria over Christmas. I loved how your writing took me on that journey too, not with you but in my imagination.
    Anyhow, just thought i’d pass on my regards and best of luck whatever you do.

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